Privacy Policy
  Figure Fanatix will never sell, rent or give away your name, email or address to anyone unless required to do so by law or with your written consent. This information will only be stored and used for our own communication and marketing purposes.

We will use your email address only to communicate with you about your orders or to inform you of any specials or new releases, if you wish to receive that information.

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Figure Fanatix uses the M-Web SafeShop system to process all transactions. When you register as an M-Web SafeShop customer, your shipping details and billing details (but not your credit/debit card number, which is never stored) will be kept in a secure server for your use the next time you shop with any M-Web SafeShop store.

Figure Fanatix never has any sight or record of your Credit/Debit card number. This information is passed directly from you to your bank via a secure encrypted connection and is not stored at any time.

Figure Fanatix owns and retains all rights to non-personal statistical information collected and compiled by Figure