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New Contact Details.

Please note the new telephone number for Figure Fanatix: 061 182 9836 

Tel: 062 627 3794

How to make an Order.

1. Click on the add to basket button.

2. This will take you to your shopping cart.

3. Click back to go to the previous page.

4. Click on another item and once again it is added to the shopping cart.

5. If you require more than one of an item you need to click on the item again as if you were buying another item.

6. Once you are happy with your order fill in the simple form below and click Send Order Request button.

I will reply with a total including shipping if shipping is required.

Stay in Touch.

E-mail Club will keep Figure Fanatics up to date with the latest arrivals and developments

in the entertainment collectable industry. I will send you the latest news via e-mail. 

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